FOCUS EMPFEHLUNG 2018 — Orthopäde/Unfallchirurg — Hochtaunuskreis
Othopäde Chirurg

Center for Orthopedics and Surgery

Your orthopedist and surgeons in Königstein and Oberursel (Taunus)

Highly specialized joint surgery applying a holistic approach to the human being

Get to know your doctor

Herbert B. Henke — 정형 외과 외상 수술 전문의발 수술 및 발목 수술

Herbert B. Henke

specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery
t and ankle joint surgery

Dr. Christian Stolz — 외과 전문의, 정형 외과 및 외상 수술특별한 외상 수술 - 스포츠 의학

Dr. Christian Stolz

specialist for surgery, orthopedics and accident surgery
special a
ccident surgery · sports physician

Dr. Matthias Köbel — 외과 전문의항문병학

Dr. Matthias Köbel

specialist for surgery

Dr. Patrick Heinzelmann — 정형 외과 외상 수술 전문의전문 정형 외과 수술 - 내시술

Dr. Patrick Heinzelmann

specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery
orthopaedic surgery · endoprosthetics

Dr. Christina Graf — 정형 외과 및 외상 수술 전문의침 요법

Dr. Christina Graf

specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery

Dr. Max Beckmann — 정형 외과 및 외상 수술 전문의스포츠 과학

Dr. Max Beckmann

specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery
sports science

Two practices & outpatient surgery center & inpatient operations

The Humanmedicum in Königstein and Oberursel offers you almost the complete range of orthopedic and surgical medicine. 
We assure you of an above-average and careful assessment of your complaints and provide neutral advice on conservative as well as operative therapeutic approaches. 
You are offered a sophisticated service in the most modern premises.

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